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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Grand Theft Auto 5 Release Date Leaked!

The GTA 5 release date may be closer than we thought! According to a commenter on our own site, Microsoft has emailed "Grand Theft Auto" fans who pre-ordered the game, revealing that the GTA 5 release date is pegged for March 24. Read on for more news and info.
Here's the comment in question from Nick Ritenour, which suggests Microsoft accidentally leaked the GTA 5 release date for March 24, 2013.
"I preordered it from Microsoft...says shipping/release date is March 24. This doesn't mean it's correct lol...but usually if it's not known they list it as TBA."
Looking through the comments on another GTA 5 release date story we've found another leak pegging the launch for April 24, 2013. The news was revealed by an Australian retailer after one commenter, Mat, placed a pre-order on the title. Here's the full comment:
"I have pre-ordered Grand Theft Auto V at the Australian retailer JB-HI-FI. I recently updated my pre-order with them and I directly asked when this game will be released, they responded without hesitation and said April 24 2013 (Australian release date). They continued to explain to me that Rockstar Games had notified them of this information. It also says the release date on my pre-order receipt April 24 2012. True story."
Another commenter, Mxk, speculated that we may finally learn the official GTA 5 release date when Rockstar Games releases the cover art a the end of January 2013.
Here's the comment:
"The end of this month we are getting the game cover. Maybe then they'll finally give up the release date, been waiting a long time, just wanna get that Jeremy can and burn the sh*t out of things already. Can't wait R* you're the best," wrote Mxk.

This isn't the first GTA 5 release date rumor we've heard. Earlier this month several other leaks also pegged the new "Grand Theft Auto" launch for March 2013 as well.
The first GTA 5 release date rumor we heard was several weeks ago, according to the The Examiner. The alleged "Grand Theft Auto" leak pegged the game's launch for March 26. However, the online news-site discounted the rumor, noting that "it should be filed under the rumor category with high skepticism."
Soon afterward, another GTA 5 release date rumor surfaced when German electronics retailer Saturn pegged the game's launch for March 15 on their website. The story was first picked up by German gaming news-site PCGames (Google translation). Saturn is currently taking pre-orders on the game and offering a free poster for all pre-orders.
For now, Rockstar Games is keeping a tight lid on the true GTA 5 release date, simply stating that the game will launch in spring 2013. But "Grand Theft Auto" fans can't wait to get their hands on the new title.
"#gta5 needs to release so i can get gansta real quick," tweets Nicholas Esposito.
"Cant wait untill GTA 5 comes out," tweeted @BBurroughs19.
"Once GTA 5 & Watchdogs come out, I won't be communicating with anyone," tweeted @LS_LARRY.
"Once GTA5 comes out don't tweet me for a while," tweeted @MayberryKush.
"Gta 5 is gonna be out of this world," tweeted @KeironCory.
"All I'm waiting for is gta 5," tweeted @daniellel0vex.

"GTA 5 better be good or i'll be on murder charges," tweeted @victoriaBBK.
"Someone just wake me up when gta 5 is out," tweeted @scabss.
"So GTA 5 is coming out in march..yeeees," tweeted @missevajayxo.
"GTA 5 is gonna be epic. Nobody is gonna be on Twitter when it drops haha," tweeted @iLikeGirlsDaily.
"Soo hyped for GTA5," tweeted @Findm3Polo.

"Can't wait for gta 5 wooo," tweeted @wowzak.
"Swear to god if someone buys me gta 5 when it comes out il marry them and do anything they want for the next 2 years," tweeted @LiamBullock97.
"When GTA 5 come out yall aint finna see me for weeks," tweeted @yungprepaid.
"As soon as gta 5 comes out, I won't be seeing the outside for weeks," tweeted @MaxRoper.
These people will clearly buy the new "Grand Theft Auto" game when the GTA 5 release date arrives in spring 2013, but will you? Let us know in the comments.


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